Short Films
In the past few years I have also moved into the short film industry to help film, produce and edit low budget films

These are films that are working with limited budgets and wouldnt otherwise have the chance to get made and be seen mallowing their creators a peg on the ladder to success within the film industry.

A couple of shorts i have been working on inbetween commercial requirements are the following:

A State Of Heart
Written by myself, Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard

This is the short story of Mac (ex soldier) court marshalled for his part in a black ops mission to steal some army cash in Bosnia. His friend Ash has some debts to clear and the idea seems like a cut an run operation, all debts settled man. Only Ash is taken out by a sniper and the whole plan is compromised.

Five years on and we meet up with Mac and his other army buddies Grant & Mike.

Mike is now a senior detective heading an investigation into a serial killer that stalks the back streets of Stockport. Four women have been murdered and no-one has a clue who is doing it until Marie, a good friend of Mac's and Louise (Mac's Wife) is attacked by the killer and survives.

Now Mac seeks revenge to find the Killer and with the help of Mike the chase is on.

Damage Limitation

Written by Alison Lang

Emma is PA (and more than just a PA) to Sir John, a disgraced MP trying to restore his political reputation. She's been loyal to him, biding her time, hoping that one day he'd leave his wife, but when a new secretary catches Sir John's roving eye, Emma realises that the time has come to act in her own best interests for a change.

Film Artwork

a state of heart
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A State of Heart

damage limitation

damage limitation

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