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I recently filmed and created the magic carpet flying scene for JB Productions "Aladdin" and the Eagle flying sequence in "Mother Goose".

Both shows ran at the Romiley Forum in December 2013 and 2015. Both scenes was shot at JBs Dance Studio on an elevated platform against a green screen.

The cloud and palace sequences were then added to make it look like the & characters were flying to and landing at the palace. A mixture of wide and close ups were used to create the illusion of movement

A State of Heart is now complete. For more information see our Short Films section. This film was entered to the BIAFF international film competition in April 2014.

The Yearly summer spectacular for Danceworks was filmed in the summer of 2013, 2014 & 2015 at the Romiley Forum.

The Wizard of Oz was filmned for Starlight at Stockport College.

J M Heaford AutoMounter Plate Machine. This machine was filmed on a green screen and the background removed and a new digital one included.

PickUp Dance

In February 2016 i filmed the "Let Battle Commence". This is the 6th film ive filmed over a 12year span as each production is every two years.

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Top 10

I filmed the final puzzle to the MPower programme for - this was a programme that spanned around 6 months and finished in June with the awards programme.

I filmed two Digital Academy short web films for internal use at the HQ of
These films were filmed on greenscreen and the graphics and new backgrounds added.