Marlyn Pictures films and produces various events and commercial films for small to large companies as well as individuals.We provide a cost effective way to deliver visual or printed media in the form of film production
along with web design, streaming media and graphic design.

My company was formed to help all manner of companies and individuals that need to create their visual message on the screen in sound and vision, especially where budgets and limited funds are concerned.

In the past year we have also moved into the short film industry and help film, produce and edit low budget films to a high standard working on a limited budgets. These are films that wouldnt otherwise have the chance to be made and seen.

Our prices start from £25.00 per hour and we are able to film on various formats from Standard Defination to High Definition right up to 4K (red and arri alexa) which is now used for major Hollywood movies - so we have a format
to suit all budgets and projects If you would like any more information or simply a chat to discuss any future projects, then simply send me an email or give me a call on 0161 494 2389 or 07812 154 633.

So add video to your website and use it to communicate.

Web video is incredibly popular: YouTube alone gets more than 1 billion users per month and as a commercial tool, video and web presentations have become hugely powerful in your marketing tool kit.

Check out what we do.

Marlyn Pictures Mini Showreel

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My name is Mark and i have over 25 years experience working in the Photography, Videography and Film Industry. I originally started as a commercial designer and photographer. I now use the latest adobe products within the digital editing and post production industry.