Fame Finale from a production by Pick Up Dance.

Low Resolution version for web use

Pick Up Dance
is one of Stockports best Dance Schools. Formerly known as "The Susan Vernon - School of Dance"

If you need more information about joining the school
contact Jenny on 07814 758 566

This SHOW was shot on 4 cameras the first evening and 2 cameras the following evening to acquire additional shots and angles.

The editing from both evenings was integrated into one seamless production. Editing took just over a week to complete. The DVD was then chaptered with a menu structure and the final film packaged with printed cover and discs.

This film was provided as a 2 disc set.

Some dances from "A Night at the Movies "

Simply click the play icon on the controller to start the clip.
Only one clip should be played at a time to avoid the tracks overlapping. Please also make sure that The clip "Fame" above is paused.

Note: If you move you mouse of the player screen the controller will vanish and re-appear when you move it back over the player screen

- from Sex in the City

- Love Theme

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sarah Jane & Karen


A lot of dance and stage schools have yearly productions, yet they don't always have a professional film shot of the event itself.

Marlyn Pictures offers either
a single or multi camera, fully edited production of the main event.

We film with multiple cameras and edit your show using a combination of wide and close shots were applicable.

The Filming and Editing are completely Free of Charge and costs are covered solely on the sale of copies with at least 30 copies being the minimum order.

All the DVD's include full menu and chapter system with fully printed artwork in colour on the discs and cover and supplied in a dvd case.

To qualify for free filming and editing of your Dance or Stage Production:

An order of at least 30 copies
is required in advance to secure filming and cover production costs.

90 mins and under
(single disc)
£10.00 per copy

91 mins and above
(double disc)
£12.50 per copy


We recently filmed Pick Up Dance's Top 10 production which was filmed on just one main wide camera and a second camera to capture a few close ups at the request of the dance teachers. This type of filming technique allows the students to view their dance movements and aid their technique.

Terms of our Free Filming service

The minimum number of 30 copies needs to be agreed to secure filming.

Payments are made prior to editing.

The DVD's are supplied to the Dance or Stage Company for distribution.

All copies are Guaranteed to be in working order but now and again you can get a faulty disc. This will be replaced with a new copy in the unlikely event of a problem within one month of distribution.

It is the consumers responsibility to check discs when they receive them. We can’t replace DVD's after one month!

All footage is supplied on high quality DVD's.

Blu-Ray versions are available
on requested, but will have an additional charge.

All copies and editing are produced in house.

We tend to work within 35 Miles radius from Stockport.

Additional areas can be covered and Mileage may
be chargeable.

Postage will apply for postal deliveries.