A State of Heart
Written by Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard

This is my first film since 1991 and was shot on a single Canon xl2 camera is standard definition 16:9 wide screen and edited in premiere and using after effects for the additional footage and effects.

The film has been entered into the BIAFF
The British International Amatuer Film Festival.
The results are as follows:

We received 3 stars out of 5.
I was happy with the result as this is my first short film in 20 years.

The Judges made the following comments:
The people behind the production showed a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Charlotte Smiths performance was great.

The camerawork was spot on with nice tracking shots
and framed angles.

The sound was well recorded.

The special fx were well created and not over the top.

All in all some positive comments to take into the next production.

This is the short story of Mac (ex soldier) court marshalled for his part in a black ops mission to steal some army cash in Bosnia. His friend Ash has some debts to clear and the idea seems like a cut an run operation, all debts settled man. Only Ash is taken out by a sniper and the whole plan is compromised.

Five years on and we meet up with Mac and his other army buddies Grant & Mike.

Mike is now a senior detective heading an investigation into a serial killer that stalks the back streets of Stockport. Four women have been murdered and no-one has a clue who is doing it until Marie, a good friend of Mac's and Louise (Mac's Wife) is attacked by the killer and survives.

Now Mac seeks revenge to find the Killer and with the help of Mike the chase is on.

Checkout the full film:

Filming started in May 2012
and the film was completed
in October 2013

Directed, Edited & Filmed by

Mark Eckersley

Produced by
Mark Eckersley
Paul Stoddard
Jenny Wyatt

Written by

Mark Eckersley & Paul Stoddard

Fight Scenes Choreographed
by Paul Stoddard

Paul Stoddard
Charlotte Smith
Amy Berry
Sean Falvey
Joe Falvey
Jenny Wyatt
Nat Whiles
Jordan Stoddard
Ashley Pitt
Jeni O'Callaghan
Nick Webb
Cery Eckersley
Mark Eckersley



Artwork & Photography
Mark Eckersley