Film & Photo

Marlyn Pictures cost effective film and media solutions for all your advertising needs. If you have a product or service to offer – whether business or personal, then we can provide a high quality cost effective way to deliver that message in the form of film, photography, design and on all the main social media platforms.

Marlyn Pictures helps all manner of companies and individuals that need to create their visual message on the screen in sound and vision especially in todays competitively priced markets where budgets and margins are limited. We have over 20 years experience working in the Photography and Videography Industry. Filming on various formats to suit all budgets and projects.

Some of the Clients we have done work for:
Reeeves Engineering
J M Heaford
One Stop Property Solutions
Stockport Council
PickUp Dance
Liz Cross
The Dance Company
Jack O’Gory
Zoe Glencross

View our 2017 promo reel here:

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