Commercial Filming

Marlyn Pictures film and media produces various event and commercial films for small to large companies as well as individuals.

We provide a cost effective way to deliver visual or printed media in the form of film production along with web design, streaming media and graphic design.

In the past year we have also moved into the short movie industry and help film, produce and edit low budget films to a high standard for a limited budget. These are films that wouldnt otherwise have chance to be made and seen.

Marlyn Pictures was formed to help all manner of companies and individuals that need to create their visual message on the screen in sound and vision, especially where budgets and limited funds are concerned.

We have over 20 years experience working in the Photography and Videography Industry. Our skill set is in Camera Operation, Editing, Lighting, Digital Effects, Photography and Directing.

We are able to film on various formats to suit all budgets and projects.

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