Ghostly Tales

Ive been working on a new Ghost Series, based on Steve Plants book “Ghostly Tales of Stockport”.

The series is based on a character named Jack. Set in the 1800`s, Jack who moves from London to Stockport. He is a well known writer and teller of tales and looking to write his next book.

Set in the town of Stockport, Manchester, he decides to find out more about the historical town and its true ghostly tales.

In this series we will take you from modern day to the past, featuring real ghost stories
and informative tales.

Check out the trailer.

Stills copyright © Mark Eckersley

Do you need a short web advert for your social media page

Do you need a short web advert for your social media page that you can play on your phone, show and share anywhere and everywhere. – Professional animated web adverts from as little as £25.00.

a web advert using the phone app film

A screen shot from my own short web film showing the viewer my services on an animated phone sequence including copyright free music. View the clip below.

Below is a screen grab from one of my short films “Damage Limitation”

Here is another short web advert – post on facebook and twitter

Marlyn Pictures has recently acquired a camera crane and glidetrack system

Marlyn Pictures has recently acquired a camera crane to capture those dramatic ground to air level shots. This kit can also be used to capture various other types of shots with a little imagination.
B-Hague K8 Camera Crane

Another amazing gadget we recently purchased is the Glidetrack system which allows us to capture a moving track shot with a one metre length, from either ground level or positioned on our manfrotto tripods at up to 6 feet.

easyglide 1000

More information and footage to follow in an updated posts in the coming months.


Marlyn Pictures – Film and Media Solutions

Welcome to the new Marlyn Pictures blog. This is my first post using wordpress.
In the coming months i will be using the blog to showcase my various talents as a film maker in both the wedding and commercial film industry.

At present im working on a short film called “A State of Heart” which is due for release in March 2013 and tells the story of Mac Stoddard, ex special forces now working as a karate instructor when Marie, one of Mac’s friends is attacked by a serial killer prowling the streets of Stockport. Along with detective Mike Logan the chase is on – more to follow.

Ive also been working on a few commercial projects towards the latter half of 2012, for companies like One Stop Property Solutions, Vid CV and

visit my websites at &